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Keluran Fabula (an Interlude RPG)

Anime Romance

Participant in the 2020 Okashicon x NinjaHELL! Anime RPG Design Contest and Jam

Designed with an innovate rule mechanic emphasizing interpersonal dynamics over combat, Keluran Fabula strives to give you tools that will make the bonds of friendship feel just as important inside this game as how much damage your longsword deals in others. Don't go into it expecting a fluffy romance, though--the world of Kelura is a post-apocalyptic fantasy setting where humans vie alongside long-eared fairies, primal beastmen, and winged celestials to rebuild civilization in a land torn by terrible sorcerers and monstrous villains.

Its tone, though? That's entirely up to you. Will you play for dramatic romance, full of fraught dialogue and character arcs replete with personal dilemmas and weighty moral issues? Do you prefer action romance, where heartthrob protagonists blaze through the spotlight with sword and spell? Perhaps you're in the mood for lighter comedy romance, in which you can focus on how much impact the last bouquet of sharpened pencils had on your crush and not sweat the scary stuff? Maybe you'd like a harem story, with protagonists that collect a host of attractive love interests to dote on their every whim.

Welcome to Keluran Fabula. We provide the systems. You give them meaning.

Now available on DriveThruRPG!

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