Dungeons & Magica – Play, pt 1
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Basil is DMing a session of AD&D Player's Option / Ars Magica for his friends Cat, David, Max, and Veri. David plays the unsightly dwarf fighter Fergis. Veri is the gorgeous and fickle half-elf witch, Kubara. Max is the conflicted elven ex-assassin, Sira, and Cat has the fiery elven elementalist, Tisealee. Before the story began, our heroes met on a job with the Adventurer's Guild outside town. They haven't grown close, but they have decided they like working together. Tisealee is visiting with Tayron, her master's son, and one of her oldest and dearest friends. They're enjoying a drink at an upscale bar on the southern edge of the shopping district. Kubara is at the bar flirting with a handsome merchant. They didn't allow Fergis in the building, so he's bothering a flower girl on the other side of the street. Sira is drinking alone. Before this encounter, Sira's assassin taskmaster tracked him down and hired him to kill Tayron. One last job, the canny halfling assured him. One last job and Sira would be out for good. If he failed, he'd be dead before Moon Day's third devotions. Sira had been on the fence about doing the job, but then he found out that his mark was his new friend Tisealee's old ex. He broods in the corner over a red ale he's barely touched.
Advanced Dungeons & Magica – Player’s Options
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Basil is GMing a game for his friends Cat, David, Max, and Veri. Max wanted to play AD&D Player's Options, and Cat was interested in a game of Arc Magica, so Basil suggested they do both. He spent a week mashing up the rules. Now, they're making characters.
SCP Phase Four
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Our intrepid heroes chased off the green-flamed giant before retreating to Hafner's Foods in the once-sleepy town of Manor Cove. Boomer has just gotten through to HQ with his radio on the roof while something sinister plays out in the backroom below...
SCP Phase Three
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Based in the local grocery after entering the town of Manor Cove to investigate a disturbance, Chia and Vaya decided to collect the car while Boomer provided cover from the roof. The second they drew near, they were met with a terrifying giant that could take a person's head off with one kick.
SCP Phase Two
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Vaya, AKA "Hotrod," drove her friends into the deserted, fog-shrouded town of Manor Cove. Our Class D operatives stopped at Hafner's Foods to investigate before they reached Town Square. Almost as soon as they left the car, a bunch of eerily silent, clawed people with glowing red eyes swarmed them. Our heroes fought through the lot of them and made it to the grocery store, where a bunch of human survivors seemed to have holed up.
SCP Phase One
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Basil is running a game of SCP: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game for his friends. Cat, David, Max, and Veri play newly appropriated Class 'D' civilians taken out of dangerous and suspicious circumstances.
Gen Con 2021
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Last weekend, I had a chance to attend GenCon Online, the web branch of the infamous gaming convention. Join my recounting of a phantasmal online experience.
Customization Mechanics
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Fantasy archetypes conjure specific images of iconic characters with heroic abilities. However, just because these types are iconic doesn't mean the characters patterned after them have to be cookie-cutter. That's where customization mechanics come in.
Life, Love, and RPGs
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I'm excited about what's coming out in RPGs over the next year! I look forward to discussing them with you guys.
Homebrew: Dungeons & Demon Lord
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For the past couple of weeks, we've been exploring how mashing up RPG systems (5th Edition D&D and Shadow of the Demon Lord, specifically) in a homebrew ruleset works. This week, let's take a look at how the system might play in-game.
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