About Us


I'm Jonathan, a writer, web developer, and longtime RPG enthusiast. My gateway into this hobby was TSR's excellent Marvel Super Heroes boxed set about 25 years ago, and I've been reading, playing, and homebrewing RPGs ever since. The first game I got to play with other people was Shadowrun, and it's been one of my favorite games through five editions now (when I got into the game, it was in 2nd ed.) Since then, I've had the pleasure of playing or GMing scores of different systems. Many of them I love. Others I loathe. (Mastersystem, anyone? Talk about a game that sounded good on paper...)

So this is just some of my own collected thoughts about the RPG hobby. Take what you like, leave what you don't. Leave a comment if the fancy strikes you.

And most of all, have fun gaming!