Energy Limits: Wizards and Hermetics
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Spell slots. Magic points. Drain checks. Fatigue. Paradox. These are RPG mechanics that represent caster limits. They're the wear spellcasting inflicts on a magic-user that prevents hir from Power Word: Killing every ant that creeps into hir pantry. What function do they serve in RPGs? How do they work? Let's consider the issue today.
Realism in RPGs
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Are RPG mechanics grounded in reality? After all, you roll the dice and move your token in Monopoly, and it has nothing to do with propulsion or vectors or real-world physics. Isn't it the same in a roleplaying game? Let's explore that today.
Lingua Communia: Languages
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Language! Whether your setting has one, ten, or two hundred, they're a mainstay in most of the best fictional worlds. Today, we're looking at their role in RPG games and settings.
Passive Storytelling: Troop Movements
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Passive storytelling is the settings and characters you describe in the background, the city streets you mention in passing while the PCs are on their way to the weapon shoppe. It sets your mood for you, sets up scenes and opportunities for you and your players, draws your players into your world, and invites them into immersion.
Sonic Screwdrivers and Holy Avengers (Magical Artifacts)
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Artifacts. Wondrous Items. Greater or Permanent Magic Items. From sentient swords to girdles of giant strength, these are the entities in your campaigns that put the 'fantasy' in fantasy RPG. But what's their role in your game?
HEROes in Action!
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HERO system is one of my favorite RPG rulesets; it has been since I found it in the mid-90s. The rules are simple, robust, and scale from grim and gritty swords and sorcery all the way up to earth-shattering cosmic superheroes and everything in between. And no matter which genre you're playing, they maintain a consistent feel and focus. Today, I'd like to share some of that love with you.
Mechanics vs Genre
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Are mechanics a vital and inseparable part of how an RPG plays? Why do I believe so strongly that mechanics matter? Here are my thoughts.
It’s Okay to Love 4E
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As I've gotten more perspective and less opinionated on roleplaying in general, I've come to realize something. There are a lot of things I love about 4th Edition D&D. Allow me to explain.
What’s in a Healer’s Kit?
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The ubiquitous healer's kit. Even with powerful healing spells and items that can bring the dead back to life, most adventurer parties carry one of these. What makes them so imperative? Why are they quintessential to the well-equipped band of blades? Today, let's take a look under the hood at the humble healer's kit.
Combat Fatigue
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No matter how much your group likes to battle, you can't just run them through one combat after another. Your scenarios should have a plot and, ideally, some twists and turns to keep things interesting. But you don't have to be Shakespeare to satisfy your PCs. Here are tips on how to put together a good adventure.
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