SCP Phase Three

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Last time, we were with Basil and his friends as they continued their first session in the SCP Tabletop Roleplaying Game. 

Based in the local grocery after entering the town of Manor Cove to investigate a disturbance, Chia and Vaya decided to collect the car while Boomer provided cover from the roof. The second they drew near, they were met with a terrifying giant that could take a person's head off with one kick.


Ext. Hafner's Foods Parking Lot beside the government-issue sedan. Chia and Vaya stand wreathed in swirling fog. Just behind the car towers a gigantic humanoid creature whose legs are clad in steel boots with human skulls adorning the bottom. Chia is caught in an open-mouthed stare, shotgun cocked and loaded. Vaya grimaces at a human head rolling past her foot.


Basil: An angry howl splits the night as a lumbering giant stomps out of the fog behind the sedan. Freakish, razor-sharp teeth the size of claymores jut from its maw. The strange hair sticking from its head appears strawlike, and that at the top is lit by a vivid green flame. Its spindly arms reach down past its knees, and its squat body stands atop comical stilt-legs—or at least, they would be if they weren't shoed with skulls and dripping with blood. The towering beast is perhaps fifty feet from you, and it looks furious. It kicks a creature unlucky enough to run before it. The victim's head plops on the ground beside the front tire and rolls past you, mouth still moaning.

Vaya / Cat: (whispers) oh… shit…

Boomer / David: I shoot it in the head!

Vaya / Cat: Can he call his shot for a Mutilation Effect?

Basil: Heh. Not for this one. He's too strong.

Boomer / David: Okay. Can I just shoot him, then?

Basil: Roll it.

Boomer / David: Sweet! Do I have time to aim?

Basil: Certainly.

Boomer / David: Then I'm taking two shots. One is aimed, the second is in Hip stance.

Basil: That works. 

Boomer / David: Aw, yeah! I got 23!

Basil: (Rolls) It got 11. You rolled more than double, so it's a critical hit.

Boomer / David: 36 damage!

Basil: It doubles to 72. Make your next attack.

Chia / Veri: Hsss. This guy is strong.

Boomer / David: Okay. This time, I got 18.

Basil: (Rolls) It rolled 13. You hit.

Boomer / David: 29 damage.

Basil: The thing roars at you. Its head starts to smoke, and its black, glassy eyes burn white-hot. Suddenly, a gout of green flame shoots from its mouth and reaches out for you.

Boomer / David: Dodge! I dodge!

Basil: You already used both actions. Would you like to spend an Exhaustion Point? (sotto voce) I'd say yes if I were you.

Boomer / David: Yes!

Basil: You're rolling against 18, then.

Boomer / David: Tch. I get 15.

Basil: You could drop prone as a Defense. That reduces his attack by 4.

Boomer / David: I do that.

Basil: Very good. He deals 28 fire damage to the air conditioning unit behind you, melting it into a burning heap of slag.

Chia / Veri: (whistles) 28 damage. That's nas-tee.

Basil: Chia? Vaya? Your go.

Vaya / Cat: (looks over at Veri) We need a plan. Preferably one where the car remains intact.

Chia / Veri: And us.

Vaya / Cat: Is there a way we can distract him?

Chia / Veri: I do have road flares in my pocket. Would that be enough to get his attention?

Vaya / Cat: It's worth a shot.

Chia / Veri: I light a flare and throw it across the road.

Basil: That's a fine idea. Do you have Catch / Throw?

Chia / Veri: Mmyeh, I have it at 1.

Basil: Go ahead and roll. Since you're mainly trying for distance, you can use Strength or Dexterity for the check. Your choice.

Chia / Veri: Hah. Definitely Strength. I get 15.

Basil: The road flare burns bright as it soars past the giant and lands across the road atop an awning. When you throw it, you notice that the giant shrinks back for a second. Then it roars and breathes another jet of green flame, incinerating the awning in a single blast and shattering the front window of the bakery. The monster lurches across the street and starts stomping on the flaming ruins of tattered cloth.

Vaya / Cat: Vaya and Chia jump into the car. Vaya starts it!

Chia / Veri: Mm-hm!

Basil: The car starts.

Vaya / Cat: Vaya speeds through cars and runs a circuit to get around to the back.

Chia / Veri: I roll down the window to shoot the giant if it comes back.

Basil: The giant immediately spots you trying to get away and charges over to stop you. Roll drive.

Vaya / Cat: I roll 16!

Basil: Good enough. It tries to step on the car as you drive past, but you swerve and narrowly miss getting crushed by a skull-encrusted boot.

Chia / Veri: I take two shots as we go past!

Basil: Roll high, and I'll give you criticals.

Chia / Veri: 20 and 13?

Basil: The first one crits.

Chia / Veri: 29 damage for the first, so 58. 34 for the second.

Basil: You blast holes in its boot, and the thing wobbles as your shot ravages its ankle. It doesn't cripple it, though.

Chia / Veri: "Keep driving." I reload the shotgun.

Basil: You pull into the bay?

Vaya / Cat: Vaya pulls up, honking!

Basil: There are two of the charging creatures hot on your tail!

Z / Max: I open up on them!

Basil: What's the recoil?

Z / Max: It's 4.

Basil: You only have time to shoot one.

 Z / Max: Dang it. Can I aim?

Basil: Sure.

Z / Max: I made 15, then.

Basil: You hit.

Z / Max: It deals 81 damage.

Chia / Veri: Hmph. I want one of those.

Boomer / David: Ooooo! Nice shot!

Basil: (laughs) With a roll like that, who needs double damage?

Z / Max: The Magnum does 10d12. Better than a delayed blast fireball!

Basil: Your bullet leaves a gaping hole in his chest and goes into the one behind. It doesn't kill the second creature but does knock it off its feet.

Z / Max: Okay. Is the big guy headed this way?

Basil: It lets out a bestial roar and charges toward the car with incredible speed. It stomps on the downed creature with an ugly crunch.

Z / Max: I'm gonna slow it down! 16 with a hipshot!

Basil: Damage?

Z / Max: I deal 70 points.

Basil: And where did you shoot it?

Z / Max: Right in the middle of the chest.

Basil: As unbalanced as the gangly thing is, your shot checks its charge and sends it reeling backward. It howls at you, makes a beckoning motion at the emerald flames still burning on the other side of the street, and then flings them at you with a swipe of its hand.

Z / Max: I... dodge?

Basil: The recoil ended your turn, but you can use your second action for defense.

Z / Max: Awesome. I get 18.

Basil: You duck, and flames shoot over your head. The heat of their passing singes hairs.

Z / Max: Well, that was too close. Let's not do that again.

Chia / Veri: I get out of the car to help the idjit with the big gun! ... I switch to my M4A1, though.

Z / Max: I'm shooting again. And… ugh. 7?

Basil: It dodges your wild shot, closes the distance in two of its freakishly long strides, and smashes a claw-like fist down at you. It rolls 9.

Z / Max: I dodge. Made it by 1.

Basil: You dive to the side as its fist shatters the concrete behind you, sending asphalt chips flying all around.

Chia / Veri: I run past it, screaming. "Hey! Big guy! Over here!" I'm gonna move over on its other side and dodge.

Basil: You capture its attention. It's fast enough that it swipes its arm after you as you rush past. It rolls 14.

Chia / Veri: Crap. I can spend an Exertion point to improve my roll?

Basil: One Exertion Point gives you an extra d12 in your pool and adds 1 to your final result.

Chia / Veri: I'm doing that. Hah! I get 26.

Basil: Excellent. How do you dodge?

Chia / Veri: I leap over the arm in a somersault as it drags the ground underneath me. In the end, I pull out in a jog without losing a step. "Missed me, jackass!"

Basil: That makes it livid. It rears its head and breathes a jet of green flames at you. This time, it rolls 17.

Vaya / Cat: Oi vey. How many actions does it get, anyway?

Z / Max: You shouldn't oughta taunt it, you know?

Chia / Veri: No kidding. Can I dodge again?

Basil: Yes, quite. You can continue dodging with the same action, but your pool loses a die each new time. The exertion bonus only counted for the first roll, though.

Chia / Veri: Mm. I do have one more Exertion Point. Should I use it?

Boomer / David: You can drop prone to give it a -4 to hit you.

Chia / Veri: I really need to stay mobile…

Boomer / David: I can get its attention. I'm good at that.

Z / Max: Yeah. We got your back. Fluffy.

Chia / Veri: Grr. Fine. I drop prone and roll... 10.

Vaya / Cat: You can spend 2 Reverence for a reroll.

Chia / Veri: Yeah, okay. I want that. The second time, I get… nng. 6.

Boomer / David: Daaamn. That sucks.

Basil: When you spend Reverence, you get to keep the higher result. That means you don't take a critical. It rolls 27 damage. You're also on fire with an Intensity of 2. As these flames burn, you feel them licking your skin like an oily sludge, scalding wherever they touch. They leave a crawling sensation as if they were burrowing inside you.

Chia / Veri: (Shivers) Brr. Yuck.

Basil: You drop to the ground, hoping to throw off its aim. That plays right into its hands. It makes a grim chuffing sound, like a chuckle, as you're wreathed in flames.

Vaya / Cat: Since she dropped in this defense, can she Stop-Drop-and-Roll to reduce the flames?

Basil: Yes. She can move as part of a dodge.

Chia / Veri: What does that do?

Basil: It reduces the Fire Intensity by 1. You take 1d10 damage from burning next turn, but the flames will go out.

Chia / Veri: That sounds good. I do that.

Vaya / Cat: Is the car inside the bay?

Basil: Doug is having some difficulty getting the door open.

Vaya / Cat: Tsk. "Get one of the kids to drive it in—I'm going over to help out the others!"

Basil: Joel takes over driving while Doug struggles with the pulley.

Vaya / Cat: Oh. First, is there any lighter fluid in the back room?

Basil: The other child dashes toward the shelves and returns with a bottle and a box of matches.

Vaya / Cat: Perfect. Thanks!

Boomer / David: Okay. My turn to shoot?

Basil: Go ahead.

Boomer / David: I'll shoot once and save an action for dodging. Since it's been a while since I attacked, can I be in the Ready stance?

Basil: Fine. Roll to hit.

Boomer / David: Uh… 16.

Basil: (rolls) damage?

Boomer / David: 27.

Basil: You clip the side of its head, knocking off straws of hair. It growls, annoyed, and looks over its shoulder at you with the burning white coals of its eyes.

Boomer / David: That's right, punk! I'm right over here!

Basil: Z. Your turn.

Z / Max: I'm shooting. Shooting and juking. 13.

Basil: It rolls 13, as well. What's your decimal?

Z / Max: Uh. The actual roll was 13.8.

Basil: It has point-five. You score a grazing hit, so only the gun's Base Damage applies.

Z / Max: Well, crap. I only did 34 damage to it, then.

Basil: The two of you got its attention. It shoots fire at you, Boomer, and tries to kick Z. Boomer, it rolls 13 against you.

Boomer / David: Okay. I roll—

Basil: Z, you're looking at 32.

Z / Max: Um. Am I supposed to be able to dodge that?

Boomer / David: Tch. 32!?

Vaya / Cat: It must've used Exertion?

Basil: Something like that. It despises that hand cannon of yours.

Chia / Veri: You drew aggro, Mister Tank.

Z / Max: Yeah, okay. That's fair, I suppose.

Boomer / David: Tch. I got 11 against its 13. Can I drop again?

Basil: Yes. However, you may have to spend an action standing up next turn.

Boomer / David: Better than dying.

Basil: You duck, then. His flames cook the side of the building underneath you. Several bricks in the wall split and shatter with deafening cracks.

Z / Max: I got 15.

Basil: Just 15?

Z / Max: No more, no less.

Basil: It scores a critical hit. 22 damage.

Z / Max: Hellfire and damnation. That takes me down.

Basil: Hold on, then. Would 11 take you below zero?

Z / Max: No. I have 21 hit points.

Basil: In that case, the critical causes a mutilation effect instead of double damage.

Z / Max: Somehow, that sounds worse…

Basil: Potentially. The roll is random.

Z / Max: A gamble, then. I like it. So what do I roll?

Basil: d6.

Z / Max: I made a 5.

Basil: The damage is Bashing, so 5 means you're Winded. You're limited to one action for the next 3 turns, and you can't make a Melee Attack at all.

Z / Max: Instead of dying? That wound up being a good gamble.

Basil: Yes. 1 results in a broken bone. You were lucky.

Z / Max: And I only have to take 11 damage?

Basil: Precisely. The monster lands a kick square in your gut. You barely have time to react, and its force knocks the wind out. It's all you can do to keep standing.

Vaya / Cat: Can Vaya shoot?

Basil: Please.

Vaya / Cat: On full auto, I roll 18.

Basil: His dodge is 7.

Vaya / Cat: Awesome! Then my Projectile Multiplier goes up to x7! I get 45 damage!

Basil: Ah. You did succeed in angering it.

Z / Max: Careful. That guy packs a wallop.

Basil: And it has one action remaining. It claws at Vaya and rolls 13.

Vaya / Cat: She dodges for 18. Vaya dances around the monster's fist as it swings for her.

Basil: Chia? Take 1d10 fire damage.

Chia / Veri: Does my armor reduce it?

Basil: Yes.

Chia / Veri: 7 points. I take 2.

Basil: Will you take action?

Chia / Veri: I stand up and shoot it in the shoulder with Full Auto.

Basil: Roll.

Chia / Veri: I roll 17.

Basil: Its dodge is down to a 10 now. You hit.

Chia / Veri: How does Full Auto work, again?

Vaya / Cat: Your margin of success was 7. That means you add 3 to your Projectile Modifier.

Chia / Veri: Huh. Cool! That means my multiplier is 4x! I roll 49 damage.

Basil: Your gun ravages the thing's shoulder, laying waste to its joint. Bloody, broken shards of bone poke from grey skin. Beyond that, the giant is starting to look the worse for wear. Blood oozes from several other open wounds, a dark, goopy ichor that stinks like burning sulfur and sizzles when it hits the ground.

Boomer, your go.

Boomer / David: I'm popping up and shooting.

Basil: You're not defending this turn?

Boomer / David: We've got this thing on the ropes. I can taste it. 23!

Basil: You're all rolling very well tonight, aren't you? You hit.

Boomer / David: 31 damage!

Z / Max: Before he can do anything to react, I want to shoot him, too!

Basil: How many shells have you used?

Z / Max: One more after this. I roll… ugh. 10.

Basil: Miss.

Z / Max: Yep. That tracks.

Chia / Veri: Can I shoot again before it acts?

Basil: Go ahead.

Chia / Veri: I get 20.

Basil: You hit. 

Chia / Veri: 25 damage.

Vaya / Cat: And while everyone else distracts the thing, Vaya will douse its legs with lighter fluid and ready a match.

Basil: Go ahead and roll to hit with handguns. No stance modifier.

Vaya / Cat: 19.

Basil: It gets 9. Not only do you douse it—you set the thing up to explode.

Vaya / Cat: Can Vaya light it the same turn?

Basil: Why don't we do an Initiative contest, shall we? The winner attacks first.

Vaya / Cat: All right. I roll… 17.

Basil: You win.

Vaya / Cat: Can I light it on fire?

Basil: You strike a match and flick it, and an explosion of flame consumes both of the giant's feet. It screams in pain and fear as fire creeps up along its legs, which blacken and wither like fresh vines. With a final howl, it runs off into the fog behind the grocery, burning all the way.

Chia / Veri: Oh, man. Is it over?

Basil: Before you can catch your breath, you hear urgent moans coming your way. Several shapes are starting to emerge from the fog in the adjacent lot. Three more are approaching from the direction of the street. They're headed straight for you.

Z / Max: I can't run yet! I hobble toward the back door!

Vaya / Cat: Has Doug gotten the car inside now?

Basil: Yes.

Chia / Veri: I'll help the gimp. Come on, Hotrod.

Boomer / David: Can I shoot some of them to slow them down?

Basil: Of course. You take out several before they get too close. Between the fire support and the walking assistance, the three of you make it inside before any reach you.

Z / Max: The lighter fluid was a stroke of genius, Hotrod.

Vaya / Cat: It shrank back from the road flare Chia threw. I figured it must be afraid of normal fire.

Chia / Veri: Yeah, that stuff it was packing was definitely not normal.

Basil: Claire is waiting for you when you get inside. "Where's your radio?" she prompts. She scans the back seat to see if it's in the cab of the car.

Boomer / David: Am I back down from the roof? Was that thing coming back?

Basil: Yes, you're here if you want. There was no sign of the giant returning. You seem to have scared it off for now.

Boomer / David: "Hold yer horses, woman. That's guvermint property."

Basil: The sheriff is waiting for you, medical gauze in hand. She comes over to help Chia with Z. "Were you hurt badly? I saw that thing kick you. It looked bad."

Z / Max: I play up the pain. "Oh, yeah, it's really bad. You'd better take a look, Miss Stern."

Chia / Veri: Okay. I'll leave her to that. I've got guns to load up.

Vaya / Cat: Did Z say something about hacking a computer? Vaya's laptop is in the car.

Boomer / David: Yeah, an' I need to scan the airwaves to see if I can get any reception.

Vaya / Cat: Maybe you should take it up on the roof to get a better signal.

Boomer / David: Hey, that's a good idea. "Come on, Claire. Let's see if we have any luck up on the roof."

Chia / Veri: Hey, suit man. How fast can you strip an M4A1? I do 55 seconds on a bad day.

Basil: That caught his interest. He comes over to inspect the small arsenal in your boot. "I prefer the MP5 myself. I got my time on that down to 38 seconds."

Chia / Veri: Oh, please. The MP5 is a piece of cake next to this thing. I could do that one in 38 seconds blindfolded.

Basil: You had the Intimidate / Taunt proficiency, yes?

Chia / Veri: I do. It's at 1.9, but my Attractive appearance gives me a -1 penalty to it.

Basil: In this case, your appearance works in your favor. "Mister suit man" is unhappy that a supermodel claims to be able to field strip a gun faster than he can.

Chia / Veri: Fifty bucks says I'm faster than you, bucko. Put up or shut up.

Basil: He takes the bait.

Z / Max: I have Stealth / Hide at 4 and Pickpocket at 2. Can I use Chia's distraction to get the briefcase away from him?

Basil: Chia, you'll roll Dexterity plus Assault Rifles in a field stripping race against the suit. If you lose, you pay, and you may finish before the others finish with the briefcase. Z, you'll make a Stealth check to get the briefcase. The suit is distracted, but succeeding will conceal your intentions from the sheriff. Vaya, if that works, you'll make a Computer / Hacking check to gain access to the files on the laptop. Boomer. Did you want to make a Science / Physics or Technology check to work the radio?

Boomer / David: Tch. I don't have either, but I'll make a roll.

Basil: Would you like to add d8 tenths to the proficiency first?

Boomer / David: Sure. I'm using Science / Physics. And I get 6 on the d8!

Basil: Claire watches you work the radio for roughly a minute, then becomes impatient and takes charge. She demonstrates the proper way to operate it. She's overbearing but not a bad teacher, all things considered.

Boomer / David: Much obliged, ma'am.

Basil: That flusters her. "Uh, no. It's miss, not ma'am."

Boomer / David: Then I'm much obliged, miss.

Basil: "That's better. You… um. You're quicker to learn than I expected."

Z / Max: Great Caesar's ghost. She sucks at compliments, doesn't she?

Boomer / David: Aw, shucks. She's just bein' shy 'cuz of my manly monster-fighting prowess and all.

Vaya / Cat: Yeah. Keep telling yourself that.

Chia / Veri: Okay. That firearms check came up 16.

Basil: You beat him several times in a row, but not so badly that he doesn't want to try it just one more time.

Chia / Veri: Attaboy… chump.

Z / Max: Does that make it my turn? I rolled 21.

Basil: You are frighteningly good at that.

Z / Max: I'm a natural. I slide the briefcase across the floor to Hotrod with my foot while the sheriff looks the other way. The suit has zero clue. We got this.

Basil: Vaya, it's up to you.

Vaya / Cat: And I roll… 14.

Basil: Just 14?

Vaya / Cat: I suppose I have 2 points of Reverence for a reroll, if necessary…

Basil: 14 is average. And this is corporate-level security.

Vaya / Cat: Tsk. Right. I reroll, and I get… How is 19?

Basil: Much better.

Vaya / Cat: Perfect. What do I learn?

Basil: They use a sentient VPN to connect to their company's network, so you have no luck accessing their servers. From the notes you find on the laptop, though, their company is called Vepres Viridis. They sent an operative to make early contact with Hafner and to incite and study the incursion. You find a picture of a statuesque woman with long, black hair and glasses. They also have several pages of observations about the goat-legged creature.

Vaya / Cat: About Uten-lugalbandu?

(Basil takes a second to mark something behind his GM screen.)

Basil: Yes, although they don't mention its name anywhere. It's possible they don't know it.

Vaya / Cat: Vaya copies the files about this event onto her laptop.

Basil: What was your check?

Vaya / Cat: 3d8 + 1d10 + 2. Why?

Basil: (rolls dice) Uh. No reason.

Z / Max: You should maybe check those files for bugs and stuff.

Vaya / Cat: Viruses. But yyyeah, I think that's… an excellent idea.

Basil: All right. Make the check for yourself, then.

Vaya / Cat: I roll… 19.

Basil: Well, you rolled better than I did for you.

Vaya / Cat: Thanks, Max.

Z / Max: Any time.

Basil: As you're about to copy the files onto your drive, you happen to notice an antimemetic worm crawling around the edges of their system. Luckily, you spotted it before it activated.

Boomer / David: Why? Does it fry your brain?

Chia / Veri: Um, no. An antimeme prevents you from talking about it or revealing its existence to anyone else. If Hotrod had activated the worm, it probably would have forced her to erase the data from her drive and then forget about it.

Vaya / Cat: That's unfortunate. Can Vaya disarm it?

Basil: You get around it safely and manage to extract the files without catching the worms.

Vaya / Cat: Three years of university programming courses at work!

Basil: That reminds me. (Rolls dice) Chia, check Self-Control. 

Chia / Veri: Uh. I don't have that. Can I roll d8 for it?

Basil: Once per session.

Chia / Veri: I'll do that. Yes! I get 8!

Basil: Good roll. Now, what's your check?

Chia / Veri: Hm. 12.8.

Basil: A... ha. Very well.

Chia / Veri: Wait. What does that mean?

Basil: It's probably nothing.

Boomer / David: Nah, bro. 'Cuz see, when Basil says it's 'prolly nothing,' that means you are so screwed.

Chia / Veri: Mm-hm, right?

Vaya / Cat: At any rate. After Vaya finishes with their laptop, she gives it to Z to put back.

Basil: Mr. Suit is so distracted by his little contest that he doesn't notice anything except that he's $300 down.

Meanwhile, on the roof, Boomer and Claire got a line to HQ. The connection is terrible with static, but you manage to convey a sitrep to your superiors. Claire asks to be connected to her company. HQ assures her they're working on it, and that seems to make her happy.

Boomer / David: Do they know anything about the goat guy?

Basil: About whom?

Boomer / David: You know, goat guy. Gulu-band-aid or whatever.

Vaya / Cat: Uten-lugalbandu.

Boomer / David: Right. That guy.

Basil: You reveal its name to them?

Boomer / David: Y—

Chia / Veri: Wait!

Basil: Hush.

Boomer / David: —eah, I do. What?

Basil: Very well. Z and Hotrod. Simultaneously, you hear screams and gunfire from the front of the store and Claire shouting from the roof.

Boomer / David: Wait. What?!

Chia / Veri: Uh. Where am I?

Basil: What would you like to do?

Vaya / Cat: Chia? Where's Chia?

Basil: Chia is not in the stockroom.

Z / Max: I got a bad feeling about this…

Boomer / David: What the hell is going on?!

Basil: The hullaballoo from the front is worse, but the roof has gone deathly silent.

Boomer / David: Shit! I'm dead, aren't I?

Z / Max: I'm loading my big gun!

Vaya / Cat: Vaya is searching through the files as fast as she can for anything about Uten-lugalbandu!

Basil: A quiet voice, smooth as silk and sweet as honey, creeps into your ear and wraps itself around your brain, making the backs of your eyeballs buzz in a pleasant, warming sensation. "Dear, precocious Vaya," it says. Your stomach feels full. A hint of chocolate lingers on your tongue. The voice purrs, "If you want to know something about me, why not ask?"

Vaya / Cat: Is it… standing behind me?

Z / Max: C-can I shoot it?

Chia / Veri: (shouts) WHERE THE FRELL AM I?!?

And that's SCP Phase Three. Tune in next week for the thrilling conclusion!

Game well, my friends,

Jonathan Andrews

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