SCP Phase Two

SCP: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game is by Jason Keech and 26 Letter Publishing. You can find it on DriveThruRPG. Content relating to the SCP Foundation, including the SCP Foundation logo, is licensed under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0 and all concepts originate from and its authors. 

Last week, we were with Basil and his friends as they started their first session in the SCP Tabletop Roleplaying Game. 

Vaya, AKA "Hotrod," drove her friends into the deserted, fog-shrouded town of Manor Cove. Our Class D operatives stopped at Hafner's Foods to investigate before they reached Town Square. Almost as soon as they left the car, a bunch of eerily silent, clawed people with glowing red eyes swarmed them. Our heroes fought through the lot of them and made it to the grocery store, where a bunch of human survivors seemed to have holed up.


Ext. Hafner's Foods Parking Lot. Afternoon. Thick fog obscures everything more than thirty feet away from the store, but it quickly thins out from there.


Our heroes are fleeing for refuge, guns ready. Chia leads the group in a measured jog, shotgun ready and body armor wet with the blood of her enemies. Z follows behind her in his urban camo at a broken pace, stopping to raise his gun when he hears something in the dense fog, then sprinting to catch up with Chia. Boomer follows along more slowly, rifle slung over his shoulder and machete clutched in one hand. He favors his left side as he runs. His riding leathers are shredded open at his midriff and covered in gore from neck to toe. Behind, Vaya staggers after him with her SMG and kevlar vest, trying to look back over her shoulder as she goes.


Basil: You all reach the grocery store, where metal shelves and cabinets stand against the doors. The worker, a gangly kid, holds the door open for you. The tag on his dirty apron reads "Corey." He locks the doors, hands shaking, and a man and woman drop a shelf behind you with a crash. 

Several of the things smash against the glass door. The shelves creak and shudder, but they hold out for two minutes... three minutes... four. Corey mashes his hands against his ears and squeezes his eyes shut against the noise. Abruptly, the things give up, turn around, and disappear into the fog.

Chia / Veri: How about their fortifications? Do they look sturdy?

Basil: What would that be? Architecture? Mechanics?

Chia / Veri: I have Architecture at… hm. 1.

Basil: You do spot a few places that could stand improvement. If you wish to try, I'll make the roll for you.

Chia / Veri: Aha. Yeah, let's give it a try. My Intelligence is 2d8.

Basil: 2d8+1?

Chia / Veri: Mm-hm.

Basil: Very well. You start moving the shelves, freezers, and other objects piled in front of the doors and windows. One of the men, a burly, unshaven fellow in his forties, protests. "Hey! I'm Doug Parrish. What do you think you're doing?"

Chia / Veri: Leadership should help convince him to help me, right? My rating is 1.

Basil: Roll it. 

Chia / Veri: 15.

Basil: Your professional manner and calm disposition win him over with nothing more than a few words. "Uh. Y—yes, sir." He offers a sloppy salute. "I'll get a few of the boys, and we'll help you get this all fixed up."

Chia / Veri: "You do that, soldier." With their help, we'll improve their barricade.

(Basil rolls behind the GM screen and makes a note.)

Basil: You fortify their defenses with objects and appliances they have on hand. The two high school boys Doug brought over call him "Coach." When you finish, you feel satisfied with your work. The boys bump fists and boast about their strength.

Vaya / Cat: Meanwhile, please describe this place?

Basil: Sleeping bags line one corner where the twenty or so townsfolk hiding here have been sleeping. A young boy is sitting beside one of the bags, looking worried. Nearby is a makeshift camping kitchen, complete with two microwaves. The TVs around the store are on but muted, and they show blue screens that occasionally flicker with hazy images.

Z / Mike: How are the people looking?

Basil: They're terrified. Several of them have serious injuries. When they see your guns, they look at you, a mixture of admiration and hope in their eyes.

Boomer / David: Do any of 'em have guns?

Basil: There is one police officer here. She approaches as you enter. Her uniform says "Ofc. Stern." on it. From what you see, the rest of them have a baseball bat, a shovel, and a handful of other gardening utensils, but nothing else.

Besides Chia, who has the highest Leadership or Intimidate proficiency?

Vaya / Cat: Zero. Vaya's Charisma is only 1d8.

Z / Mike: I have Intimidate at 1.

Boomer / David: Nada.

Basil: Officer Stern looks over the three of you and shakes her head. She seems skeptical, but she finally decides to talk to you, Z. "Are you here from Fort Willowby?"

Z / Mike: "Uh, sorta. We're a special unit."

Vaya / Cat: "Yeah." (makes quotes in the air) "Special."

Basil: The officer nods thoughtfully and surveys you anew. "Well, this situation definitely ain't normal. Glad to have you. Are you in contact with your base?"

Boomer / David: Has my radio unit been working?

Basil: Did you bring it with you?

Boomer / David: How big is it?

Basil: It's a satchel.

Boomer / David: Uh. No.

Basil: The radio is in the car, then. Before you got out, you tried different frequencies, but you couldn't get a good signal.

Boomer / David: 'K. I tell her, "Naw. Radio wouldn't pick up a damn thing in this fog. All I got was static."

Basil: She frowns. "Yeah, that's how our radios here in town have been, too. Do you know what this—" (waves his hand in the air) "thing is?"

Vaya / Cat: "Wait. Thing? Have you seen it?"

Basil: She wrinkles her nose as she answers. "Uh, well. Not close. It comes to watch the store around 2:00 every morning."

Z / Max: "You mean you can see it through the fog?"

Basil: "Yeah. It… well. The fog is a little clearer around it, but it also glows. Makes it easy to spot."

Vaya / Cat: "How does it appear?"

Basil: "It looks like two people smashed together with the legs of a deer or something. Its heads have this halo around them, one red and the other kind of bluish-white. It never says a thing. Still, you can kind of… I dunno. Hear it whispering." The officer's face goes pale, and she can't suppress a shudder when she thinks about the beast.

Vaya / Cat: (to Basil) Is that the same murmur we heard when we parked?

Basil: You suppose?

Vaya / Cat: Strange.

Boomer / David: "So it's one ugly mother. Got it. Did it have any weapons?"

Basil: Stern shakes her head. "Didn't see any, no. There were a bunch of those other things around it, though."

Vaya / Cat: "What are those things? They almost seem human."

Basil: "They used to be human. They used to be our friends, family. Now they're something else."

Chia / Veri: Are we done?

Basil: Sure.

Chia / Veri: 'Kay. Any first aid kits?

Basil: There are.

Chia / Veri: Let's use those.

Basil: Intelligence plus First Aid, if you please.

Vaya / Cat: Vaya has it at rating 1, and her Intelligence is 3d8 plus d10.

Chia / Veri: Me too, but mine is only 2d8.

Boomer / David: 2 for me, but my Intelligence is 2d8, too.

Basil: Vaya? Will you patch everyone up?

Vaya / Cat: She will. Any modifiers?

Basil: Chia, your armor protected you from bleeding. Boomer, did you take more than 20 damage from that attack?

Boomer / David: Uh, yeah. 23 points.

Basil: Lose one hp. You feel wobbly, and you notice you're bleeding pretty severely from your side.

Boomer / David: "Uh… shit. I think she got me." I sit down. Super graceful-like.

Vaya / Cat: "Lawrence! Hang on. I'll get a kit."

Boomer / David: (weakly) "It's Boomer. Please, Vaya."

Basil: The difficulty to stop his bleeding will be 14 instead of 12. As long as you succeed, I'll let you use the same roll to restore hit points.

Vaya / Cat: I roll 16.

Basil: Add a d4 to it?

Vaya / Cat: 2.

Basil: Then Boomer, you're up 18 hp. You're no longer suffering the Bleeding effect but will need to change your bandages periodically.

Boomer / David: "Tch. If I live that long. Thanks, Vaya."

Chia / Veri: My turn?

Vaya / Cat: This time, I roll… 16. Tsk. That's funny.

Chia / Veri: Very good. That's almost back up to full.

Basil: You expect you'll have a nasty bruise to show for it tomorrow. For now, the painkillers Vaya gave you work nicely.

Z / Mike: While they're doing that, I'm watching out the windows to see what the zombies are doing.

Basil: The fog is as thick as ever. Occasionally, a vague shape moves at the edges of what you can see. You get the feeling they have you surrounded.

Z / Mike: Is there a back way out of here? Like, a loading bay or something?

Basil: Corey takes you to the stockroom in the back, where a single bay door allows for unloading trucks. A forklift and a stack of wooden palettes stand in one corner.

Z / Mike: "Hey. Is that door locked up tight?"

Basil: "Yeah. They can't get in there." He points to a padlock securing the door.

Z / Mike: "Okay. Let's get back to the others, then."

Basil: As soon as you're together, two of the townsfolk, a sharp-looking couple in business suits, walks over to you. The man is carrying a briefcase. His partner demands, "When are you getting us out of here?" He asks, "Is the army coming to deal with those things? We have to get back to the city tonight. There are millions of dollars at stake."

Chia / Veri: "Um. We're just forward recon. They don't tell us anything about timelines, sir."

Basil: What's your Negotiation proficiency?

Chia / Veri: 2, with a +1 bonus. My Charisma is 3d8.

Basil: They seem reassured by your air of authority and competence. Before they head back toward the office, the woman says, "I'm Claire Atwell. The second you get anyone on the phone, I want to talk to them."

Chia / Veri: Understood.

Basil: That placates her for now. Gain one Merit point.

Chia / Veri: Score.

Vaya / Cat: Basil, did you say a child among the sleeping bags needed help?

Basil: Ah. Yes. Yes, I did.

Vaya / Cat: Vaya will check on him.

Basil: The kid is perhaps ten years old. He has flaming red hair and a mass of freckles, but right now, his face pinches up in concern. He's wearing a bleach-white Little League jersey.

Vaya / Cat: "Hey, shortstop. What's got you down?"

Basil: The lad squints up at you. "Did you guys really fight those things?"

Vaya / Cat: "Sure did." Vaya sits down against the wall near him.

Basil: He scrubs a fist against one eye before he answers. "It's 'cuz you had guns, huh? Those things are too strong to fight unless you have guns."

Vaya / Cat: "Yeah. One of 'em tore my friend up pretty good. Did you try to fight them?"

Basil: He shakes his head and looks down. "My dad. He got my sister and me to the car, but two of them were following us. He tried to stop them. There was a blue flash, and he was just gone."

Vaya / Cat: "Oh, crap. Um. So, is this your sister?"

Basil: "Yeah, that's Keira. She had a fever so bad she could barely even walk. Dad had to carry her to the car. When we got here, I helped her into the grocery store, but she fell asleep soon as we got in. She's been mostly like this ever since."

Vaya / Cat: "She's sick? I have a first aid kit. Can I take a look at her?"

Basil: "Yeah. Coach Doug gave her some pills, but they haven't really helped much."

Vaya / Cat: "Huh." Vaya examines the patient.

Basil: Keira's green hair sticks to her forehead, but she isn't as hot as you'd feared.

Vaya / Cat: He must've given her an anti-inflammatory. Vaya will take her temperature anyway.

Basil: You'd guess so. When you try to wake her up enough to take her temperature, she wriggles in the bag and mumbles something.

Vaya / Cat: What does she say?

Basil: It sounds like "Twin evils. See everything. Father's blood."

That's all you can make out. The girl's temperature is 102.

Vaya / Cat: "Poor thing." Is there anything Vaya can do to help her?

Basil: You've been rolling well on your First Aid checks tonight. You manage to make her comfortable, and she drifts into a deep slumber.

Vaya / Cat: "What's your name, Keira's brother?"

Basil: "Theo. Theo Hafner."

Vaya / Cat: "Good to meet you, Theo Hafner. I'm Vaya, but you can call me Hotrod."

Basil: He scrunches up his nose. "Is that like your code name?'

Vaya / Cat: "You got it."

Basil: "Cool! Are you, like, a race car driver or something?"

Vaya / Cat: "Yep. I used to do some street racing."

Basil: Theo's eyes get round as plates. His estimation of you just shot way up. "Did you win?" he whispers.

Vaya / Cat: "You know it."

Basil: You gain one Reverence Point and a devoted follower.

What's everyone else doing?

Chia / Veri: Watching at the windows. There's no fog in here, right?

Basil: True. Now that you're looking, you notice the fog thins out about thirty feet from the store. Immediately around the building, there is no fog.

Chia / Veri: Are the other buildings like that, too?

Basil: No, they're not.

Chia / Veri: Hm. "Hey, Doug, have they attacked you here?"

Basil: Doug scratches his head. "Not really. We were afraid they would because they got into the school, where a few of us holed up. But they haven't come close—they just kinda lurk around the edge of the fog and watch us." He gives you a sideways glance. "You were military, weren't you? Army?"

Chia / Veri: "Hooah."

Basil: He brightens. "Yeah, I thought so. I served a few terms in the desert before I took up teaching. Where'd you serve?"

Chia / Veri: "Stateside. Didn't get to do much before… um. they transferred me."

Basil: Doug nods soberly. "Oh, right. Special forces. I got mad respect for your skills, soldier. Stay strong."

Chia / Veri: "Hooah."

Z / Max: That's all very fascinating, I'm sure. Did you say there was an office around here? I smell loot.

Basil: In the back corner. There's a hallway with restrooms, an office, a break room, and a door to the stockroom.

Z / Max: That's where the good stuff will be. I'm checking out that place.

Basil: You find the two business people in there, talking in hushed tones.

Z / Max: Really? What are they saying?

Basil: Make an Awareness check.

Z / Max: Can I use Stealth instead? I have 4 with it, after modifiers.

Basil: That'll do.

Z / Max: Eh. 15.

Basil: Not bad. You get close enough to hear a few words of what they're saying before they notice. You catch "gestalt bioform," "inside operative," and "tissue samples." When they spot you, the woman slams a laptop shut and shoves it inside the briefcase. The man jumps up and snarls, "What are you doing here?"

Z / Max: "Official business, citizen. What are you doing?"

Basil: You want to intimidate him?

Z / Max: Yeah. I have 1.

Basil: You'll have to roll.

Z / Max: 15.

Basil: The businessman is cowed by your imperious tone so much that he takes a few steps back. Claire shakes her head and struts past him, briefcase in hand. "The room's all yours, agent," she declares breezily.

Z / Max: I get up in the guy's face. "Yeah. You can go, too."

Basil: He leaves unhappily.

Z / Max: Now. Anything good in here?

Basil: The room is a typical office: desk, computer. Filing cabinets. There's an old chalkboard with notes and an odd diagram of a cow, all of which might be twenty years old or more. You don't see chalk or erasers in the room.

Z / Max: I go through the desk.

Basil: Pens, stapler. Scads of paper clips. The bottom left drawer is locked, though, and you can't find a key for it inside the desk.

Z / Max: Oooo. Can I pick it?

Basil: Do you have Lock-Picking?

Z / Max: At 1.

Basil: You can try, but it won't be easy.

Z / Max: I still have 2 Exertion. Can I use those to help?

Basil: You can spend an Exertion Point before you roll to boost a physical check. It adds 1d12 to your pool, and you get to roll five dice instead of four. You also add +1 to the final result.

Z / Max: Hell, yeah. That's what I'm doing. 18!

Basil: Good roll. You pop the lock and look like a pro.

Z / Max: 'Professional Z,' they call me. I'm a natural! What can I do?

(Dave and Veri laugh.)

Basil: Excellent. Add a Reverence point.

Z / Max: Yes, sir!

Basil: The drawer holds a .500 Magnum and a box with 20 shells.

Z / Max: Holy crap. I take that!

Basil: What is your Awareness roll?

Z / Max: Uh. 3d8 + 1d10 + 2. Why?

Basil: (rolls dice) When you take the gun, you notice the drawer is shallower than you expect.

Z / Max: What does that mean?

Vaya / Cat: Wait. Like a false bottom?

Chia / Veri: Ooo! Like in Death Note!

Vaya / Cat: … or like David Roentgen

(Basil grins and points at Cat.)

Z / Max: I investigate it?

Basil: You lift the bottom out of the drawer and find an old leather-bound tome with yellowed pages underneath.

Z / Max: Ayi. I have gloves, right?

Basil: You mean you were not wearing gloves when you picked the lock?

Z / Max: No, I was. I was just testing you.

Basil: Riiight.

Z / Max: So I pick up the book with my gloves on. The gloves I've been wearing this whole time.

Basil: When you touch the cover, static arcs and stings your finger, even through the glove. It's a small book, but it feels strangely weighty. The hairs on the back of your neck prickle as you lift it from the drawer.

Z / Max: Brr. Do I have a pocket that'll hold it?

Basil: You do. The leg pockets on your cargo pants and the pockets on your shirt are both big enough.

Z / Max: I put it in a leg pocket for now.

Boomer / David: Um. So, this is a grocery store, right? Do they got any fertilizer?

Chia / Veri: Fertilizer? Planning on some gardening?

Vaya / Cat: He's hoping to make improvised explosives.

Boomer / David: I do have Demolitions at three ranks.

Basil: Perhaps? Make a check for it.

Vaya / Cat: Vaya sees what he's doing. Can she help?

Basil: No, this is while you're working with Keira and Theo.

Vaya / Cat: Oh. Okay.

Boomer / David: Shit. 5.

Vaya / Cat: Tsk. Is that a critical failure?

Basil: Technically, but we won't worry about that. You waste time looking all over the store. You find nothing useful.

All of you finish your assorted tasks. Now what?

Z / Max: Hey, guys. Those business guys are suspicious. We need to get to that laptop of theirs.

Chia / Veri: "We should probably get the car first. All our gear is in the trunk."

Vaya / Cat: (to David) Do you tell us about the book you found?

Z / Max: "Oh, yeah, so get this! I found this creepy-ass book in the office." I show it to everybody.

Boomer / David: "Looks like some kinda journal."

Vaya / Cat: Vaya takes it and reads through it.

Basil: (rolls dice) What's your Cognitive Resistance?

Vaya / Cat: Cognitive Resistance? It's 8.

Basil: Well, then. The book is handwritten, maybe twenty years old, but the writing in the back seems recent. You don't recognize the script at first. As you scan through it, though, words start to take shape before your eyes. 

Parts of the book seem to be procedures or instructions, with diagrams of circles and lists of ingredients. Other parts look like notes or observations. That section has pencil sketches with pictures. Toward the back, you find several drawings of the things you've been fighting. There's one you don't recognize that stands high above a group of the others. On the next page, you see a picture of a strange, two-headed demon.

Vaya / Cat: (takes a deep breath and swallows) Um. That's a lot to process. Can she tell what any of the rituals do?

Basil: Do you have Occult / SCP Lore?

Vaya / Cat: No.

Basil: Once per session, you can add d8 tenths to one proficiency at zero. Will you use that?

Vaya / Cat: Sure!

Basil: Of course, if you don't, you'll add d6 in tenths to the roll afterwards.

Vaya / Cat: No, I'll take the d8. I get… 6!

Basil: Great. Roll the check.

Vaya / Cat: For the check, I roll… 8. Point 6.

Basil: You're not sure. You do find one word you don't recognize that's repeated several times. You're reasonably certain it's a name: "Uten-lugalbandu."

Vaya / Cat: Uten-lugalbandu?

Z / Max: You read that out loud? Do I recognize it?

(Basil raises one eyebrow at Cat. After a moment, Cat nods.)

Vaya / Cat: Yeah. She sounds it out.

(Surreptitiously, Basil takes a note behind his GM screen.)

Basil: You can make an Occult / SCP Lore check or an Intelligence check if you don't have it. You can add d8, too, if you want. You'll need to roll high to recognize it, though.

Z / Max: I'll just take the d6 after. (Rolls) Hey! I got 16!

Basil: That is high. Where were you exposed to ancient Mesopotamian cosmology?

Z / Max: One of the bosses I met a few times was into archaeology and shit. He had, like, carvings and vases and crap in his office.

Basil: Perfect. This boss—what was his name?

Z / Max: Gallagher. Ran a few odd jobs for him back in the city.

Basil: Understood. (Makes a note) This Gallagher chap had a centerpiece in his collection: a strange bas-relief of a tall creature with goat legs and two heads. When he caught you examining it, he related its name and explained it was a Mesopotamian god of fabulous riches. The name sent chills up your spine when he spoke it. You feel that same chill now.

Z / Max: Oh, damn. That sounds like bad news. "So look, people, I know I've heard that name before." I tell them everything.

Vaya / Cat: What's a Mesopotamian deity doing in this journal? (To Max) "Where did you find this, anyway?"

Z / Max: "I found it in the bottom drawer in the back office."

Vaya / Cat: "Huh."

Basil: Z, roll d6.

Z / Max: 3.

Basil: Add that decimal to your Occult / SCP Lore skill.

Chia / Veri: "That's great, guys, but. Um. The car? My gun's almost empty."

Boomer / David: "Now, hang on, missy. What about those things out there?"

Chia / Veri: "I have my shotgun, and Hotrod'll have her SMG. We go out. We bring the car in."

Z / Max: "Hey, there's a bay in the back." Was there room back there for the car to pull in?

Basil: If you move shelves out of the way, you believe it will make space.

Z / Max: "Come on, Coach. Let's make room for the car with the guns. Vaya, honk the horn when you get to the bay door in the back, and I'll open the door for you."

Vaya / Cat: "Can do."

Basil: Doug nods and waves the two boys over to help.

Boomer / David: "Alright, fine. I'm watching with my rifle."

Basil: Corey coughs. "Uh. There's, um. There's a ladder up to the roof. If you want."

Boomer / David: "Oh, hell, yeah, son! Let's go."

Basil: The teen takes you back to the break room, where a ladder leads up to the roof.

Vaya / Cat: (to Veri) "Are we doing this?"

Chia / Veri: "Let's go."

Basil: One of the other townsfolk, a quiet man named Phillip, opens the door for you.

Chia / Veri: "Phillip. Be sure to lock the door behind us. Don't do anything stupid."

Basil: Phillip stares at you, wide-eyed, and nods.

Boomer / David: How's the roof?

Basil: It's clear and gives you a commanding vantage point. You can even see through the fog, to some extent. High ground grants a +1 bonus to attack.

Z / Max: Did we get the bay cleared out?

Basil: It's ready. You stacked boxes in one corner to do it, but it's done.

Z / Max: "Doug, you get ready to open the door. I'm sneaking out to run interference for them with my new little friend."

Basil: Doug nods and stands by the pulley.

Z / Max: Is there anybody in the back?

Basil: You see no one behind the grocery store, but there is an open field beyond the fog. It's no telling what's out there.

Z / Max: Lemme tell you, that is so reassuring.

Basil: Chia and Hotrod. What are you doing?

Chia / Veri: Running.

Boomer / David: And I'm covering 'em.

Basil: You make out a group of three creatures hiding behind a car.

Boomer / David: I'm on the comm. "Fluffy, your 1:00." Can I shoot one?

Chia / Veri: The shotgun is up.

Vaya / Cat: Vaya's gun, too.

Basil: Boomer. Since they're unaware of you, you don't have to roll. Just describe how you take one out.

Boomer / David: Uh. Guy in front. Headshot.

Basil: Good idea. Chia, since you're on the watch, you see the three of them rush out from behind the car. The one in front glares at you with glowing eyes right before his head explodes. He drops. The one on the right trips over his body and tumbles to the ground. The one on the left stumbles but catches herself before she falls.

Chia / Veri: Let's blast the one that tripped. 13.

Basil: He can't dodge. That's a critical hit.

Chia / Veri: 22 damage.

Basil: Good enough. You blast him full in the back of the head. Most of his upper body is gone.

Vaya / Cat: Can Vaya shoot the other one?

Basil: Since it stumbled, you have the initiative. It will dodge.

Vaya / Cat: 9.

Basil: She vaults out of the way.

Vaya / Cat: Vaya defends with her other action.

Basil: Good plan. She rushes forward and slashes with freakishly long claws. She gets 12.

Vaya / Cat: 16.

Basil: You keep a step ahead of her as she tries to cut you.

Chia / Veri: Uh. Shoot her.

Basil: Firing from the hip?

Chia / Veri: Gonna ready the shotgun first. Its recoil will end my turn, anyway.

Basil: Fine. Shoot it.

Chia / Veri: 11.

Basil: It's a new turn, so she uses an action to dodge. (Rolls) And fails.

Chia / Veri: 18 damage.

Basil: Your gun savages her right side and knocks her off-balance. She glares at you with burning eyes.

Vaya / Cat: Vaya shoots again! 15!

Basil: Since she defended, she gets another roll. 

Vaya / Cat: But she has to roll one less die, right?

Basil: Correct. I thought you didn't have a chance to read the rules?

Vaya / Cat: I've been looking through them.

Basil: At any rate. She rolls 12.

Vaya / Cat: That gives me +3, so I increase my Projectile Multiplier by one. (Rolls) 41.

Basil: You fill her full of holes, and she topples over backward.

Boomer, you spot two more coming from Chia's left flank.

Boomer / David: "Behind you!" I ready my rifle and shoot one. Heh heh. 25.

Basil: Definitely a critical hit.

Boomer / David: 64 damage, after doubling.

Basil: How do you take him out?

Boomer / David: Shot through the heart.

Basil: He drops like a rock. Chia, you hear Boomer's warning, then the gunshot, as you turn to see another creature bearing down on you.

Chia / Veri: Is it a new turn?

Basil: Yes.

Chia / Veri: Using an action to defend, then.

Basil: Roll. He gets 12 to hit you.

Chia / Veri: 16. I whack him in the nose with the butt of my rifle to keep him off me, then shoot him in the face with a hipshot.

Basil: Go for it.

Chia / Veri: 18.

Basil: He defends for 13. You hit.

Chia / Veri: 30 damage.

Basil: Shotgun pellets tear the skin off the left half of his face, leaving the blood-red eyeball dangling out of its socket. He bares the right side of his teeth at you—the other half of his jaw is gone.

Chia / Veri: "Uh. Little help?"

Vaya / Cat: Vaya pulls her Luger and blows off the thing's head. 16.

Basil: He rolls 6 to defend. You get a critical hit.

Vaya / Cat: 8 damage.

Basil: Good enough. Your bullet takes off the top of his head, and he slumps to the ground, dead.

Chia / Veri: "Come on! Let's get to the car while we've got an opening!"

Basil: That isn't an opening. An angry howl splits the night as a lumbering giant stomps out of the fog behind the sedan. Freakish, razor-sharp teeth the size of claymores jut out of its terrible maw. The coarse hair sticking from its head in all directions almost appears to be straw. A vivid green flame lights the strands at the top. Its spindly arms reach down past its knees. The thing's squat body stands atop comical stilt-legs—or at least, they would be if they weren't shoed with skulls and dripping with blood. The towering beast is maybe fifty feet from you, and it looks furious. It angrily kicks a creature unlucky enough to run in front of it. The hapless victim's head hits the ground beside the front tire and rolls past you, still moaning.

Vaya / Cat: (whispers) Oh, shit...

SCP Phase Two, friends. Tune in next week for the next episode!

Game well, my friends,

Jonathan Andrews

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