What’s in a Healer’s Kit?
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The ubiquitous healer's kit. Even with powerful healing spells and items that can bring the dead back to life, most adventurer parties carry one of these. What makes them so imperative? Why are they quintessential to the well-equipped band of blades? Today, let's take a look under the hood at the humble healer's kit.
Afflictions: Magical Healing
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Okay, so. Magical Healing. Right? It's what lets your party get arms cut off, start dying, then jump back up to kill that ogre after all, and all without breaking a sweat.
Afflictions: Natural Healing
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Drugs. Treatments. Chirurgical procedures. Healers in your setting may use chakra cleansing or leeches or prescription medications. Whatever they use, it's a safe bet they're going to play an everyday role for the loftiest noble down to the humblest commoner. Given that, how do they affect your game? Should they? Let's ponder!